Friday, May 29, 2009

Hectic Times

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for Augie Acres. A lot of our students have headed home for the summer, and our summer helpers have taken a few days or a week off before moving back to the QCA for the summer. We have our first market scheduled for noon on Friday, June 5th at the Augie Acres site. We are excited! This has been a goal of ours, and it is exciting to be so close to meeting it.

Augustana has added our market to the website's calendar, and we'll be advertising next week as well. Tell your friends! We hope to have salad greens and radishes ready to go.

Our group was also featured on the Augustana website. You can read the story here:

Hope to see you next week!


  1. It was very inspiring to hear about your 'farm to fork' project at the Local Foods Summit today. I hope your group will have more to share on the blog in the future!
    Carla Jaquet
    Project Coordinator
    Black Hawk Organics
    Black Hawk College - East Campus
    26230 Black Hawk Road
    Galva, IL 61434-9476

  2. Hello from across the river!

    I'm a student at St. Ambrose and we started our own student garden this summer! Pretty cool that we're both doing this. Maybe we could organize something together? My e-mail address is Keep up the good work.